Waking up is Hard to do

Oh cruel morning filling my room with blatant light
Robbing me of carefree comfort felt within the noiseless night
Must I leave my bed and shed my quiet cozy fold?
And leave my undercover warmth for immersing cold?

Oh cuel and bitter morning why that singing ringing alarm?
Do you think that morning brink has any alluring charm?
The beckoning and reckoning fails to entice.
It’s not enough for me to slough my covers for the air of ice.

Oh cruel yet harmless morning now subtley sneaking in.
Time ticks away my final moments. A new day shall begin.
I must arise I realize and resist a sleeping bing,
and enter front and center with the creeping sunup fringe.

Oh cruel and fateful morning there’s no way you can be beat.
So long my sleeping song I wrong you as I stand upon my feet.
Shall I forget, regret, or recall this stress and strife?
Shall I miss my kiss of bliss or whistle on with life?


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