Lost at Sea

Lost at sea and turned about
I sailed the waters’ shadowy rout
I stepped in stride with a dangerous bout
A-sailing I went alone

No longer welcomed by the harbor
Lacked a shilling for a barber
Twas a self anointed martyr
I’d stammer, stutter, and groan

Awashed on the shores of an Island. Stranded!
I did what survival strongly demanded
All was lost and I was abandoned
No doubt in a twilight zone

The smell of hope waft in the breeze
The break of day would come with ease
I thought I held the treasure keys
Until the mirage was gone

Back to square one yet without a square
Smack dab in the middle of another nowhere
Heavy in apathy but light in fear
I sung with a sour tone

A sprout of hope sprung from the ground
A spread of color went all around
A spark of love was finally found
New life was now my own

Lost at sea, I was no more
At last I found my final shore
With one I’d keep and so adore
My heart had found it’s home


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