Second Chance

Given the chance to do it over again
The first question I’d ask would be, “Where to begin?”

Of all the years that I’ve lived in the past
Where would I start to recast?

Sent back as a child that knew what I know
Which part of my childhood would I choose to go?

Were I sent back to again be a teen
I could write anew on a slate that was clean

Had I my twenties to do one more time
No doubt, I believe, that the world would be mine

If I began at my lowest of lows
Are there things I would change? I’m not sure. Who knows?

All that has happened from way back then
has brought me the journey to where I am

If not here, then where would I be?
There isn’t much comfort in what I can’t see

Alas, I’ll collect all the years that remain
And assemble a tomorrow whether sunshine or rain