Tasty Black Gold

A poem for coffee lovers


That gurgling sound from water and steam
delivers a liquid through crumbs from a bean

Clear it goes in and dark it comes out
My tasty black gold via delivery spout

Into my cup pours the perfect amount
Like times before; too many to count

Ah, the aroma that accompanies the air
As I cradle my vessel and sip with care

This heavenly high doesn’t fade away
I’ll drink my coffee till my final day

Alternative ending. Original but was asked by someone to change it.

It never gets old this heavenly high
I’ll drink my coffee till the day that I die

One White Rose

A white rose and baby’s breath
For one we never knew

Not the color we would chose
Of either pink or blue

The rose that represents
What we hoped to be

Also represents the person
we for now can’t see

This one rose with its decor
Says what’s hard to say

Despite our loss I wish to you
A happy Mother’s Day